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History Channel Looking For Program Host

7 May 2010 No Comment

The History Channel is putting together a new show called Decoded and are looking for a second host for the program. Here is the blurb they sent us.

We are looking for a male co-host, ages 35-55 for a premium cable show that focuses on American Conspiracies, Mysteries and Secrets. Our host should be a “believable believer,” someone who can challenge traditional scientific and historical methods.

This person should bring a fresh perspective to the audience and the team that will allow the series to take unexpected turns i.e. conversations with numerologists, channelers etc. On the other hand, one of the important qualities that he should possess is the ability to not be simply a believer, but also “speak with mathematical and scientific authority” and be able to converse with other members of the team on their own terms. We are looking for someone who can convince our more traditional hosts to rethink their position. He should also be flexible enough to be convinced that he is wrong at times. Finally the host should be smart, playful, a strong communicator and have a good sense of humor. Advanced Degree a plus.

If you fit this description and are interested, please contact them at DecodedTV@gmail.com

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