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About TemplarHistory.com

TemplarHistory.com was started in the fall of 1997 by Stephen Dafoe, a Canadian author who has written several books on the Templars and related subjects.

The intention now is the same as it was when the site started more than a decade ago – provide a wide variety of information on the history, mystery, myth and legacy of the Knights Templar.

Templarism appeals to a wide variety of information seekers. For this reason, information is divided into several categories:

Templar History
Templar Mysteries
Modern Templarism
The Crusades
Reviews and Interviews

I am always happy to assist with sincere questions. However, due to my schedule, it may take some time to reply.

You can send your questions to comments@templarhistory.com


  • Nicole S said:

    I’m in an ancient civillization class and doing a final exam project on The Knights Templar. I have chosen to use your site as one of my secondary resources and need to cite it. I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the publisher if their is one.
    Nicole S

  • admin (author) said:

    Click on the About TemplarHistory.com link above for that info.

  • Claire C said:


    I am doing a biography for history class on King Richard. I decided to use your page and I need to know when you last updated the website.

    Claire C

  • admin (author) said:

    April 1, 2010

  • Paula said:

    Greetings, I am doing a research paper on the fall of the Knights Templar and was wondering if you could suggest a couple of books that might be able to be found in a local library that I could use.

  • admin (author) said:

    Paula, i’d recommend Malcom Barber’s The Trial of the Templars and Gordon Napier’s Rise and Fall of the knights Templar. Possibly my own book – Nobly Born.