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Keeper of the Grail is the first book in a new series of young adult novels by Michael P. Spradlin. If the first book is any indication of what’s to come in the rest of the series, readers are in for a treat over the next few years.

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Perhaps no one aspect of anti-Masonic practice has fueled religious zeal greater than the hoax perpetrated by Leo Taxil, shown above right, on Albert Pike, shown above left, in the late 1800’s. This hoax, still accepted today by those who would attempt to condemn Freemasonry, linked the fraternity to Lucifer and therein to Devil worship.

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[31 Mar 2010 | 45 Comments | ]

Within two decades of the victory of the First Crusade (1095-1099) a group of knights led by Hugues (Hugh) de Payens offered themselves to the Patriarch of Jerusalem to serve as a military force.

This group – often said to be nine in number – had the mandate of protecting Christian pilgrims who were en route to the Holy Land to visit the shrines sacred to their faith.

Somewhere between the years of AD 1118 – 1120, King Baldwin II granted the group quarters in a wing of the Royal Palace on the Temple Mount (the Al Aqsa Mosque).

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Jacques Bernard de Molai (or de Molay), a native of Burgundy, was born in the year 1243, and his life and times are of deep interest to Masons, and especially to Knights Templar, owing to the fact of his being the last Grand Master of the Order of Templars, together with his heroic martyrdom for the cause to which he had devoted practically his entire life.